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Quality Was Never Irrelevant!

May 19, 2015

Last week I talked about how some writers in the field of SEO seem to think that you can sever ties with your local SEO company because the whole idea of search engine optimization is obsolete. Now there is an article at BizJournals that proclaims “social media is dead.”

Interestingly, this new article seems to make the same mistake as the article I found last week that said SEO is dead. They both make the point that you can’t rely on simple “tricks of the trade” anymore. Instead, you have to focus on quality content and get the benefits of better search results and better market penetration from that.

Let me be clear: If your social media company wasn’t already focused on making sure that your marketing campaign put out quality content, you should have severed ties with it long ago. And if yours is a Los Angeles social media company, tell me where they’re located so I can have a word with them. They must be part of the reason why some writers have gotten it into their heads that social media and SEO companies think quality is irrelevant.

But even when social media marketing was “alive,” quality content was always at its heart.

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