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Quantity Over Quality Okay for Los Angeles Web Marketing Company

April 20, 2019

A Los Angeles web marketing company doesn’t have to personally generate news articles for local companies. If it does its work effectively, it will set the tone for article that emerge through their own channels.

You probably don’t realize just how far the reach of a Los Angeles web marketing company can extend. But a recent article at Hoodline about local area restaurants gave a bit of a clue. It chose to highlight a handful of establishments based on their Yelp reviews, explaining to readers that these places were trending IRL.

Notably, the article didn’t necessarily base its conclusions on the quality of the reviews. Instead, Hoodline analyzed the frequency with which people were posting about different restaurants, then picked out the ones that have seen the biggest percent gains.

Traditionally, if a Los Angeles web marketing company didn’t mind relying on trickery to get results, it might have generated fake Yelp reviews to make a company look better. But as analytics get more sophisticated, these tactics have less chance of succeeding.

What would be more effective in the future, for a restaurant that wants to be highlighted in the next Hoodline article? It should consider working with its Los Angeles web marketing company to encourage organic customer engagements.

There may be both an offline and an online component to this strategy. The client could start by putting up a sign encouraging people to look them up on Yelp and other such sites. And the digital marketing team could begin highlighting those reviews and thanking their authors through the company’s social media accounts.

As the old saying goes: “There is no bad publicity.” This may not have seemed true in an earlier era of digital marketing, when bad reviews often seemed catastrophic. But a Los Angeles web marketing company would be well-advised to reconsider the common wisdom today. All kinds of interactions can create momentum both online and in the real world. And sometimes this momentum is the most important thing in boosting a client’s profile.

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