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Remember: Your Local SEO Company Cannot Optimize Weak Content

December 21, 2018
local seo google maps
local seo google maps

In this blog, I’ve often voiced criticism for the local SEO company that makes outsized promises to clients. It’s increasingly difficult for such a company to even follow through on those promises through unscrupulous means, since search algorithms are increasingly sophisticated and practically immune to black hat techniques. But the industry still has to cope with the danger of a local SEO company misleading and manipulating its client’s expectations.

But while I’ve criticized such companies in the past, it occurs to me that I may not have given sufficient attention to the fact that false promises are often grounded in pre-existing misconceptions among a local SEO company’s clientele. It’s altogether too easy to offer up false promises when a site’s owner is still holding onto outmoded beliefs about how SEO works.

Those beliefs might be expressed to a local SEO company in the form of a request to “add SEO” to existing content. This betrays the client’s commitment to thinking of search engine optimization and content marketing as two completely separate fields. Few things could be more poisonous to the success of an SEO campaign.

Regardless of the kinds of communication you, the client, end up getting from a local SEO company, you should first avoid going into the relationship with naïve expectations. It’s imperative for you to understand that on today’s internet, no one can actually boost a page’s search results without improving that page or otherwise driving user engagement. This once again underscores the importance of seeking out SEO professionals who are equally capable of helping you with an overall marketing strategy. The two tasks are inseparable, and progress in one area usually drives progress in another.

So while a local SEO company shouldn’t be approaching you with the promise of “adding SEO” to weak content, it’s equally true that you shouldn’t be giving unscrupulous professionals the opportunity to exploit you in that way.

With nearly 8 years in business, Pink Shark has recruited a world class team specializing in digital marketing and branding services. We have worked with a variety of businesses, both local and ecommerce, across numerous industries and verticals. Whether you are looking to improve your branding or increase conversions and sales, we can help you achieve your goals.

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