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Huffington Post

Reminder: Signs of a Bad SEO Firm

February 18, 2016

seo warning signs

The Huffington Post recently published an article advising readers of when they should consider ending a relationship with a local SEO company, or avoiding it in the first place. The piece deftly draws together a number of points that I’ve been making since I started posting at the Pink Shark Marketing blog.

Specifically, it reminds readers that a competent local SEO company won’t make lofty, too-good-to-be-true promises, and certainly won’t try to follow through on those promises without engaging its clients in extensive, collaborative consultations.

The Huffington Post also repeats a point that I’ve made explicitly on a number of occasions: it is highly beneficial for companies to do business with a local SEO company that also doubles as a local social media company. The two aspects of digital marketing increasingly go hand-in-hand, and they call out for professionals who can wear many hats and build a truly integrated web marketing strategy.

Since becoming a buzzword in any business owner’s arsenal, companies have promised overnight returns and results. We just want to be the ones to tell you that this is not the case. With that said, most of the services that the modern business should encompass are processes that need to be carried out on a daily or weekly basis. If you aren’t optimizing your content or keeping your social media conversations consistent then you are missing the mark. You can bet that your competition is doing something that you aren’t and will inevitably have the upper hand, meaning a larger market share.

Obviously, it’s in my interest to sell you on not just one but all of Pink Shark Marketing’s services. But hopefully the Huffington Post article will help to convince readers that our efforts to link these services aren’t a cynical grab for more business. It is based on the reality of the industry – a reality that more and more professionals and authors are recognizing and using as the basis of their advice to prospective clients for local SEO and social media services.


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