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Responsive Web Design and its Effects on Marketing

March 4, 2016

responsive web design importance

A couple of months ago, various year-end assessments of the web design industry emphasized the importance of “responsive web design” for local web design companies in 2016 and beyond.

In case you are still unfamiliar with the term, “responsive web design” refers to the general features that make a website capable of adapting to the display parameters of many different devices. A skilled Los Angeles web design company can make a site equally accessible to every member of a population that is browsing on computers and tablets while confined to an office or café, or else using their smartphones while on the street or stuck in traffic. This is important to note because of frequent travel and mobility in today’s society.

A good local web design company must appeal to every type of screen because its client websites will certainly need to gain clicks from people who use various devices in various settings.

But this isn’t to say that certain organizations don’t have reason to privilege one type of screen over another. Some businesses and e-commerce websites are more likely than others to have a highly mobile clientele, in which case it can be beneficial to make the site responsive to all platforms but especially optimized for smartphones.

This is another reason why it’s useful for an organization to pair this strategy with a targeted social campaign and SEO strategy. Experts in search engine optimization can be expected to learn valuable statistical information about your existing and prospective visitors before undertaking the design or redesign of your website. And knowledge of the kind of person who will be visiting can help you to have that site built with a comprehensive web marketing strategy already in mind.

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