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How SEO Companies Can Use “Frequently Asked Questions” Pages

April 6, 2018

If your experience is similar to mine, you probably remember Frequently Asked Question pages (FAQs) as having been more commonplace in an earlier age of the internet, and particularly before the advent of minimalist web design. But I suspect that the growing prevalence of voice search may precipitate a resurgence of FAQs, as least where SEO companies are concerned.

As more and more people are prefacing their searches with “OK Google,” they are also becoming more likely to phrase their queries in terms of actual questions. So if SEO companies can anticipate what their clients prospective customers are going to ask, they can try to build the answer into an FAQ, so the site provides a direct match to the search terms.

Obviously, though, this doesn’t mean that SEO-enriched web design should try to step back into the past. Quite the contrary, since voice searches are almost invariably going to be coming from smartphones, adapting to them means it is more important than ever for site owners and SEO companies to make sure that each page is optimized for mobile browsing, and as modern as can be.

Even so, there is sometimes wisdom in the old way of doing things. And if FAQs help to provide site visitors with direct access to the precise information their looking for, then it’s well worth giving them another look.

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