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As the SEO Landscape Grows, Quality Content is Most Important

April 8, 2017

The Advanced Web Ranking blog ran a very interesting article a while ago which discussed the premier of Google’s Pixel smartphone and argued that its features could have a significant impact on the best practices for SEO companies.

The extent of that impact is certainly an open question, as is the extent to which the Pixel will influence the mobile device market over the long term. But the article does highlight a couple of important issues for anyone who is uncertain about the activities of their local SEO company.

On the one hand, the emergence of a new smartphone reminds web marketing companies and other internet professionals of the differing demands that come with different devices and categories of devices. If a Los Angeles SEO company needs a substantially different approach to Pixel and iPhone users, it needs a staggeringly different approach to either of these and to someone searching the web from a computer.

The blog post explains that at least where the Pixel is concerned, the main contributor to this difference is the prevalence of voice recognition, which changes the way people search, pushing them toward natural, full-sentence queries instead of a handful of keywords.

Your local web marketing company’s demographic research should help you to determine which of these types of search you will need to focus on, but in all likelihood both “short-tail” and “long-tail” SEO keywords will remain important for the foreseeable future. This fact only serves to further drive home a point that is frequently made in discussing local SEO companies: the best way to guarantee the effectiveness of your marketing strategy is simply to guarantee the overall quality and relevance of your content.

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