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SEO Plus Audience Insights

November 11, 2016

The Next Scoop recently published an article on the important interplay between search engine optimization and audience insights, or analysis of the needs and behaviors of those who are visiting your site. The relationship between these things can hardly be under-emphasized. But I find that most writers who comment on it are neglectful of the need for truly integrating your SEO, analytics, and web marketing strategies.

The Next Scoop article suggests developing a better understanding of your audience and also applying that information to your SEO strategy. But it fails to acknowledge that the average reader probably doesn’t work for a Los Angeles SEO company. In all likelihood, he won’t be performing the web traffic analysis and the search engine optimization on his own. He may not be doing either.

With that in mind, it’s important to note that site owners who are interested in both SEO and audience insights should be in touch with a local web marketing company that understands both these things and can integrate them. An experienced Los Angeles SEO company ought to know how to tailor your site’s strategy to its actual and prospective audience. Your role as the site owner should just be to define the audience you want to reach, and monitor the comprehensive work of your local SEO company.

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