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SEO Services Have 2 Goals: Quality & Shareability

October 25, 2019

Quality content is the single most important factor in SEO services. But it’s almost every bit as important to make sure that that content is actually being shared. Even the best content won’t have much impact on a site’s search ranking if it just sits on a webpage collecting digital dust.

SEO services need to accomplish two parallel goals. They need to answer the questions that create organic traffic to a site, and they need to proactively reach consumers who aren’t part of that organic traffic. A search optimization campaign is just not complete without both of these strategies.

Organic traffic has to connect to quality content, or else that content will never stay high in the rankings. Quality content is well-written, informative, and at least engaging enough to prevent people from clicking away before they’ve read far enough to find what they were looking for.

But when it comes to the second goal of SEO services, what you’re looking for is not just quality but share-ability. Content only fulfills that goal when it is much more engaging than what people will naturally find when they plug your keywords into a search engine.

To get on top of the search rankings and stay there, SEO services need to convince existing visitors to share links with their friends and colleagues. There needs to be at least some portion of on-site content that is capable of going viral. After all, it’s not like you can compete with Wikipedia. No matter how much expertise an independent site displays, it’s not going to be anyone’s go-to source for topical information.

Today’s SEO services need to sometimes go out of their way to connect with users. And the most natural way of doing that is by promoting optimized content as part of a social media marketing strategy.

When an SEO company shares quality content directly with a client’s social media network, it cuts out the middle man. And this is important because it already takes enough work to drive organic traffic to a site. It’s pointless to rely on visitors to copy and paste a web address on their own, when you can give them something worth sharing and make it as easy as just clicking “Retweet.”

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