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Shifting from Corporate to Local Social Media Marketing

June 3, 2017

In my previous post, I discussed the potential need for local search engine optimization even in situations where one’s marketing strategy started out with a general focus. It occurs to me that it is worth pointing out that many of the same observations apply to social media marketing, as well. That is, if you have a business that interacts with customers on a local level or targets them any differently based on geography, it may be beneficial for you to manage both general and local social media accounts.

Of course, this makes the project of social media marketing much more labor intensive, and thus adds to the need for a local social media company that can take that task off your hands. But the potential rewards certainly outweigh the costs, especially considering that this sort of investment can be made in a piecemeal fashion, in response to early successes that you have in certain localities.

This is something that I mentioned last week with regard to the work of a local SEO company. And if anything, it is even more applicable to the strategy that you develop with your local social media company. If you have a geographically diversified business, it makes perfect sense to start by casting a wide net on social media. But as people in specific markets start to engage with you and become familiar with your brand, your local social media company will want to improve and expand that engagement by providing customers with access to social media accounts they can be sure are relevant specifically to their consumer activities.

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