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Social Distancing with a Los Angeles Web Marketing Company

March 14, 2020

We’re just a Los Angeles web marketing company. We can’t do anything to protect you from coronavirus. But until the panic dies down and people are no longer wary of person-to-person contact, we can give you something to focus on during periods of self-isolation and “social distancing.”

Instances of Covid-19 infection are growing across California and Los Angeles county. And concerns about the illness are quickly spreading across the nation. Some of the harder-hit areas have seen a lot of panic buying as people stocked up on household goods in anticipation of lengthy school closings and work-from-home arrangements.

If you aren’t elderly and have no underlying health conditions, you’ll probably be fine even if there is an outbreak in your community. But that fact won’t halt the social effects. And you’re going to need something to help you ride out the storm. A Los Angeles web marketing company can help you with that.

If you’re going to be working from home anyway, you might as well think of it as an opportunity to take care of some tasks that you’ve been putting off. And if you’re going to be minimizing your in-person interactions during that time, it would make sense to focus on tasks in the digital world, namely marketing for your business website or social media accounts.

By the very nature of our work as a Los Angeles web marketing company, social distancing is second nature to us. While we love to have face-to-face meetings where we work out mutually-agree-upon strategies with our clients, we’re also used to people opting for remote communication. Sometimes it’s out of preference and sometimes it’s out of necessity, but in either case, there’s no need for it to interfere with the progress of our web marketing project.

So if you were thinking of meeting with a Los Angeles web marketing company to expand your online impact, we welcome you to call or Skype with us as Plan B. You can follow up later, but you can also rest assured that we’ll take full advantage of this period of relative social isolation.

We say this not just for the sake of helping our clients to stay busy, but also because widespread social distancing means a lot of websites are poised to get a surge in traffic. As more people spend time indoors and online, you ought to be preparing your website and social media accounts to present the best possible brand image to those people.

If you can do this on your own, then we applaud you for keeping busy and making the most of this time. If you can’t, your Los Angeles web marketing company is ready to take on that project for you. We’ll even let you monitor our progress along the way, so you can see the beginnings of your return on investment. That’s never boring, no matter how shut-in you may be feeling.

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