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Social Media: Beyond Branding

June 29, 2015

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I’ve dedicated a lot of topics on this blog to discussing the branding and marketing potential that can be brought to your business by a good local social media company. But it must be pointed out from time to time that the professional value of social media goes well beyond these spheres of influence.

Social media is not just designed for one way communication from your brand to its potential customers. The very name of the platform makes it clear that it is intended for potentially complex interaction. This includes soliciting responses from consumers for the sake of market research, or passing memos and ideas among fellow employees via a purely internal social media account or platform.

These are some of the dimensions of social media that may be overlooked by novices in the business world but which are certainly well known to the best Los Angeles social media companies. We encourage you to discuss not just marketing but the full scope of your business with your own local social media company, to see if they have any ideas of how modern communication technologies can streamline business operations while also pushing your unique brand.

You might be surprised by the possibilities that emerge. I’ve mentioned integration many times before, often focusing on the need for a social media company that is also a local SEO company. But integration also means that you personally avoid separating both of these areas of expertise from the other spheres that might be peripherally, but importantly affected by them.

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