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Social Media Day
The Hill

Social Media Day Provides Opportunity to Reflect on Cultural Impact

July 1, 2017
social media company
social media company

Did you do anything to celebrate Social Media Day on Friday? Did you reach out to your local social media company to thank them for what they do, or to congratulate them on being in an industry that has had such a transformative impact on the way we communicate, market, and otherwise interact?

As one such Los Angeles social media company, we don’t expect a card or anything. But it is always interesting to be reminded of the fact that there’s a day dedicated to our industry, and that it yields so many think pieces on the impact of social media marketing and social media fame on the development of our shared culture.

If you missed out on the occasion, just type “social media” in your news feed and marvel at all the posts that have gone live in just the past days or hours. If you’re like us, you’ll also be surprised by the tremendous diversity of those posts. You’ll find, for instance, The Hill urging us to get off social media to “find something we’ve been missing,” while New York’s ABC affiliate WGNO cautions against blaming the problems of public discourse on social media.

And it goes on like that, back and forth between contrasting points. But whichever side you come down on – whether you love or hate social media itself or your local social media company – it’s for sure that their impact cannot be overstated.

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