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Social Media for Public Relations

May 19, 2015

There are stories that come up from time to time that remind me of what a wonderful tool social media can be not just for commercial marketing, but also for public relations. This week, Jeff Goldblum enjoyed a lot of positive press exposure for appearing in a dinosaur-themed photo at a friend’s wedding. Other celebrities have taken to participating in the photobombing trend to get their names and faces passed around on social media. Meanwhile, Bill Murray has apparently made a long-term hobby of hanging out with random strangers and being awesome.

One starts to wonder how many examples of viral celebrity news are being planned, or at least publicized by local social media companies in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Even if the answer is none, the great reception that the public gives to these stories indicates that it’s a trend that can be utilized to great commercial value. If you’re a high-profile individual and you’ve got a Los Angeles social media company in your contacts, you might be interested to discuss how they can encourage the internet to start talking about what a cool, down-to-earth person you really are.

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