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Social Media Marketing Faces Organic Changes

November 2, 2019

Certain kinds of social media marketing may soon have to rely more heavily on organic methods of reaching an audience. That’s because at least where Twitter is concerned, paid ads will be off-limits to political messaging.

It’s not entirely clear what will be considered politically motivated social media marketing. But it’s safe to assume that this policy change will have an impact far outside of political campaigns. Results may vary from user to user, though. And some may be able to spin it to their benefit.

For many social media marketing campaigns, organic interactions are more effective than paid advertising anyway. Of course, the two frequently overlap, as well. So people who are forced to stop their Twitter ads will probably have a hard time maintaining current levels of traffic to this and other platforms.

Still, it’s almost certainly possible to make up the difference with more efficient and proactive social media management. When semi-political accounts really make an effort to adjust to the change, they’re likely to find that the quantity of their user engagements stays down, but the quality goes way up.

SEO and social media marketing have always depended on a balance between quality and quantity. But as search algorithms change and users become savvier, quality is actually becoming steadily more important. So it’s actually not all that bad if platforms like Twitter push certain users to focus on organic interactions instead of pay-per-click. They were probably going to have to move in that direction anyway.

If there’s a chance that you social media marketing campaign could be construed as political, you have a challenge ahead of you. But even if your accounts are purely commercial, you might want to consider adjusting your strategy so you’re making more real, lasting connections with your user base and convincing them that yours is a message they can trust.

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