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Social Media’s Role in Improving Customer Service

September 4, 2015


In my first YouTube talk regarding SEO and social media best practices for small businesses, I discuss how you can use social media to improve your firm’s customer service. Watch the embedded video below to hear my take on:

  • Why customers increasingly expect to be able to reach businesses via social media
  • How social media can benefit small business communication in ways that traditional phone systems cannot
  • How you can resolve customer complaints on social media
  • The types of data gathering your small business can accomplish through monitoring of social media
  • How customer engagement on social media can translate into good public relations and free publicity from satisfied customers

One major takeaway from this video ought to be that the relationship between social media and customer service does not end with your direct responses to customer feedback that is voiced through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Rather, social media turns customer service into its own full-time job, allowing you to take the lead in communicating with customers and the general public while using their indirect feedback to constantly improve your products and services.

It is by no means impossible to tackle both the direct and indirect aspects of social media management on your own. But the diverse applications of social media to customer service may lead you to conclude that you’re better off employing a local social media company to gather feedback and manage your brand’s public image, thus leaving you and your staff free to collate that information and design solutions that will secure ever greater brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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