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Sources of Inspiration for Los Angeles Web Design

June 13, 2020

Los Angeles web design firms have many sources of inspiration to draw upon. Some of them come from professional portfolios and high-profile websites. But some come from outside of the industry altogether. And that’s as it should be.

If a Los Angeles web design company is unwilling to look for ideas in its real-life surroundings, there’s a risk that its work will quickly become derivative. That’s a dangerous prospect anywhere, and especially in a highly image-conscious West Coast market.

With do-it-yourself web design templates available all over the place these days, huge portions of the internet are starting to look like a series of carbon copies. When your site just plugs unique content into a familiar design, it tends to broadcasts a lack of creativity. It’s also just boring, and unlikely to contribute much to a personal brand image.

But design is very rarely created out of nothing. And it’s tough for a client and contractor to agree on a direction for their project when there’s no shared point of reference. Both parties should avoid getting hung up on the design of familiar web pages. But they should not rely on starting from scratch, either.

For these reasons, a good Los Angeles web design company should be able to point clients toward examples of design that exist outside of their own online portfolio. Examples might include movie posters, billboards, advertisements, flyers, and any number of other design concepts that blend into the city’s landscape every day.

When design inspiration crosses between different industries, it creates new concepts. A template-based website tends to be as ordinary as a generic magazine ad. But when the components of that ad are recreated as the basis for a website’s layout, there may be an opportunity for some Los Angeles web design professional to break new ground.

Of course, the outcome isn’t going to be that dramatic every time. But it’s almost always worth trying to create something new when you’re getting ready to launch a new website. And it’s also worth making sure that your Los Angeles web design company isn’t prone to falling into a creative rut.

Design professionals should retain a sense of wonder about the building blocks of the society that’s always changing around them. And they should be able to inspire their clients with a similar fondness for the intricacies of design. Those clients should then feel comfortable looking around in their daily life for clues regarding the sorts of typefaces, color schemes, and overall aesthetics they’d like to capture in their websites.

When they find the right examples, they may end up starting their contractors on the path toward something really unique. Ideally, a Los Angeles web design team and its clients will be equally inspired by the concepts they discover together. Such inspiration is often fuel for a truly successful project.

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