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Social media marketing is actually one field that hasn’t been forced into a downturn by the global coronavirus pandemic. If anything, the current situation actually represents an opportunity to reach a captive online audience, since people aren’t nearly as distracted by real life while sheltering at home.

Of course, effective social media marketing at this time requires breaking through the constant news updates that are dominating people’s feeds. Either that, or you can attempt to capitalize on obsessive monitoring of the latest developments. In each case, the challenge is unique, pervasive, and will hopefully be short-lived.

You can see examples in all media of advertisers who are leaning into the ongoing crisis, and of those who are trying to help people take their minds off of it. If you’re interested in continuing your social media marketing campaign during this period of limited economic activity, there may be lessons to take from those examples. Which of them looks more like the message you’re hoping to send? And which will put you in a better position to resume your normal social media marketing once life gets back to normal?

If your company is still operating during the pandemic because it provides an essential product or service to the local community, then it’s highly likely that people will want you to highlight your response to Covid-19. The message doesn’t need to be overly complicated and certainly shouldn’t make consumers any more alarmed than they already are. But you should think of your social media accounts as a way to make it clear to your customers that you are there for them during this crisis, and that you are appropriately concerned both with their safety and with that of your employees.

If, on the other hand, your company operates primarily online or is keeping its operations on pause until non-essential employees return to work, then this situation represents an opportunity to develop a natural rapport with your customers. Even if you can’t do business with them at the moment, you can still provide a sense of comfort and support like that being offered by essential businesses. You may even be able to do so by specifically taking their minds off the anxiety and uncertainty of this situation.

This may be asking a lot, since you’re probably anxious yourself. But in this era, social media marketing is a way to project the sort of confidence that will be essential to kick-starting the economy, be it in a few weeks or a few months. So use your social media accounts to run contests and award people with discounts or freebies that can be claimed after coronavirus subsides. Trade in customer service interactions for friendly conversations. Help one another through the crisis, so it’s clear that we’ll all be helping one another recover from it when the time comes.

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