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Can a Los Angeles social media company help celebrities to maintain their social media presence while allowing them to avoid the negative aspects of online communication? This is a question worth asking at a time of unprecedented direct communication among celebrities and their fans, as well as their detractors.

It was reported this week that the actress Kelly Marie Tran had effectively quit social media, apparently in response to incessant abuse at the hands of people who did not like Star Wars: The Last Jedi or her character of Rose. She’s not the first person to do so, and not even the first associated with Star Wars. Daisy Ridley did so last year after being attacked for her views on gun control.

In the wake of these stories, surprising numbers of people prove willing to defend online harassment. They say that as long as someone is in the public eye, they’re fair game. That’s a perspective that everyone should push back against. But as long as it persists, it might be more effective for celebrities to let a Los Angeles social media company take over management of their accounts, as opposed to dealing with a lot of self-entitled abuse.

In the days of fan letters (along with the odd threat) arriving via snail mail, one would expect a movie star to have messages filtered through an assistant whose job it is to determine what is most worth his or her attention. So it probably isn’t much of a departure from standard practice to task a Los Angeles social media company with absorbing and reporting abusive messages that aren’t related to a given post, while bringing the given celebrity’s attention to those messages that have something substantive to say.

For many actors, models, and musicians, it’s probably a choice of either partially outsourcing their social media or quitting altogether. And in this day and age, when the public expects to be able to put a human face on their favorite celebrities, the latter might be more of a career risk. A Los Angeles social media company can help you to avoid fading into the crowd, or being eaten alive by it.

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