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It’s not unreasonable to expect a Los Angeles web design company to provide a cinematic experience for visitors to your website. People who have been working in the shadow of the Hollywood sign should probably have a keen sense of grandeur and an understanding of how to tell an effective story.

To be clear, “cinematic experience” doesn’t necessarily refer to video content. Of course, a Los Angeles web design company should be able to effectively build that sort of content into your site. But there’s a larger goal behind that, and it involves helping your users to feel transported when they visit your site.

I admit this sounds like a melodramatic take on what the internet has to offer. But if you pay close attention to your experience when finding new, well-built websites, you may find that it’s a more affecting experience than you realize.

Effective web design sets specific sites apart from visitors’ everyday browsing experience. And as part of this mission, it also sets the tone of a website and gives visitors a sense of what to expect the moment they click onto it. On some level, this experience is similar to sitting down in a movie theater and recognizing immediately whether the movie is going to make you laugh, cry, or jump out of your seat.

One of the ways a Los Angeles web design company might put site visitors in the right headspace is with a carefully-chosen hero image. In fact, large hero images are one of the trends that are expected to continue growing throughout 2020, and with good reason.

With more and more web browsing taking place on mobile devices, it’s increasingly difficult to grab users’ full attention with ordinary headers or a general design aesthetic. And since minimalism is also very popular these days, there simply aren’t as many options to inject tone-setting elements into that aesthetic anyway.

Enter hero images. In some cases, these fill a smartphone’s screen almost entirely when a person navigates to the site. And if the image is especially well chosen, the comparison to a cinematic experience is obvious. The first image should practically grab you by the throat if it wants to make sure that you’re going to engage with the story that follows.

And that, of course, is just the start. A Los Angeles web design company should also know how to construct that story, in website form, and guide you from scene to scene. If it does its job well, new blog entries and different sections of a website will be like sequels to a franchise film, which keep the right audience coming back again and again.

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