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social media in politics

The Huffington Post recently published a very interesting article about the impact of social media on the business of government, from elections to governance, policymaking, and diplomacy. This speaks to observations that I’ve certainly made in the past regarding the ever-growing reach and importance of social media and the potentially game-changing effects of a local social media company.

The importance of contractors in the field of web marketing is very well known by now to e-commerce businesses and companies with an active public relations department. And of course, Beverly Hills social media companies have done plenty over the years to endear themselves to celebrities and other people for whom public image is everything.

But do politicians and bureaucrats recognize the same importance for local social media companies in Washington, DC or in any area where local politicians are striving to reach out to their electorate, encourage grassroots organizing, streamline management processes, and more?

I’m sure the answer is that some do and some do not. And I’m equally sure that those who see the potential have an opportunity to make major strides in their political viability or the efficiency of their governance by contracting with a local social media company either to contribute to the online aspects of a campaign or to coach their staff in the effective use of electronic platforms.


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