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On Friday, Amazon and Whole Foods were major trending topics across social media platforms like Twitter. This fact struck me as an opportunity for any Los Angeles internet marketing firm or its client. While the underlying news involved one of the largest companies on the planet, the social media aspect can work the same way for any company, even if on a much smaller scale.

The Huffington Post latched onto Friday’s trends and published a list of some of the “best” humorous responses to the announcement of Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods. A local internet marketing company could do a lot with this information if it was trying to contribute to the overall internet marketing campaign of either company.

This is to say that when the news puts these or any other company’s on the public’s radar, it brings forth a natural outpouring of information on public perceptions and expectations of those companies. The humorous social media posts collected by Huffington Post highlight public beliefs about Amazon’s ubiquity and Whole Foods’ expense which an internet marketing campaign could serve to mitigate or redirect in ways that foster a more thoroughly positive image of those companies.

When your own local internet marketing company analyzes social media impressions, it will no doubt find similarly natural feedback emerging on a small scale, especially if your customer base has been affected by recent news. You should always direct your social media managers to be aware of this possibility and to monitor reactions so you can head off any changes – for better or worse – in public relations.

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