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long tail keywords published a feature on Monday in which it solicited an expert’s opinion on the ways in which Search Engine Optimization is changing. The discussion was brief and general, and while it didn’t provide earth-shaking insights into the changing nature of SEO, it did serve as a valuable reminder of the fact that that nature is changing and that not every Los Angeles SEO company is keeping up to date with the industry.

The interview points out that Google rolled out major changes to its search algorithm in January – something that I pointed out in a post around that time. The implications of those changes are still not fully understood, but there seems to be general agreement that they represent the ongoing push to encourage local SEO companies to improve rankings simply by improving the overall quality and relevance of site content.

But the article also points to some of the specific, quantifiable changes to the industry in which local SEO companies work. These include the growing prevalence of long-tail keywords and an emphasis on responsive web design. These observations go to show that with each passing year, it is increasingly valuable for site owners to hire local SEO companies that double as experts in web design, social media, and the overall analysis and development of web marketing strategies.

Editors Note: It is worth mentioning that we are currently experimenting with long-tail keywords. Keyword strategy is nothing new and everyone is gunning for the big and popular search terms. We are finding that in these times it is much easier and cost effective to switch up and target terms less searched. Trends change and acceptance with Google search has grown. Searching for “Shirts” won’t bring you the results you want. However, by adding more detail such as “Heathered Henley Shirt” you will return less results but give you an outcome that is more relevant to what you are looking for in the end. In terms of PPC or retargeting this can save you a fortune as a business owner or marketer.

Although it’s not essential that you, the site owner, fully understand the changes in SEO or the interconnectedness of these industries, it is important that you understand them well enough to be able to properly vet your local SEO company and make sure it is keeping ahead of the times.

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