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There are a lot of statistics that highlight the profound impact that social media marketing can have on sales for a particular company or an entire industry. If your own social media marketing agency is able to effectively tap into existing trends – or to create them – it can generate truly surprising levels of growth.

A recent CNN Business report noted that this has recently been the case with the skincare industry. Sales of such products grew by 13 percent in 2018, largely because an entire community has grown around them. By contrast, makeup sales only increased by one percent during the same period. Experts say it’s been many years since the one outpaced the other.

There are a number of ways in which social media marketing has helped to create this trend. For one thing, the products themselves are supposed to have a visual result. So if a social media marketing agency can utilize Instagram and other platforms to show off those results to the right consumers, it can make a big difference in convincing people to buy.

On the other hand, a company’s advertising only represents the theoretical best case scenario. Some consumers may lack confidence in their ability to replicate the ideal results. This is where the social aspect of social media marketing really comes in. As the CNN report points out, the upsurge of skincare sales has coincided with the proliferation of beauty blogs and opportunities for enthusiasts to discuss best practices and product trends.

Of course, skincare products have also enjoyed the same benefits of social media marketing that are available to businesses in every industry. It’s just that they seem to be a particular success story in terms of directly interacting with customers, identifying consumer demand, and leveraging social media to help sustain new startups within the industry.

These are practices that social media marketing professionals can introduce to the campaigns of all their clients, regardless of industry. But at the same time, as the success of skincare products shows us, there are different aspects of social media and its various platforms that can be exploited more effectively by some businesses, depending on the nature of their products and the level of engagement among their target audiences.

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