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movie star social media

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Will Smith made some interesting remarks about social media and movie stardom. He suggested that he would not have been able to follow his course to building a film career if he had been coming up in an age of social media. The star of the forthcoming Concussion said that the lack of constant scrutiny enabled him to cultivate “mystery” that was useful in developing interest and getting diverse roles.

It’s not clear exactly what Smith means by “mystery,” but this is an interesting topic for a Beverly Hills social media company to contemplate, especially if it represents aspiring actors. If we take it for granted that mystery, however it’s defined, is useful to an actor’s portfolio, the question becomes whether it’s possible for a Los Angeles social media company to provide a person with the exposure that the 21st century demands while also safeguarding the client’s other interests.

The answer may very well depend on exactly what those interests are and how a modern aspiring actor thinks they can best be safeguarded. This is something for the client of a Los Angeles social media company to consider before making a hiring decision. If you agree with Smith’s general observations, it’s up to you to get a grasp on what you consider “mystery” to mean, and then to make an effort to assess whether a given local social media company can protect it, even in an age when social media is increasingly indispensable to a Hollywood career.

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