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In prior posts, I’ve repeatedly cautioned against SEO companies that make excessive promises about huge, instantaneous boosts in traffic. But it’s worth mentioning that as much as I know this is an issue among local SEO companies, it’s also an issue among a handful of Los Angeles social media companies. And the same is true of SEO and social media advisers across the web.

Take for instance a recent post at The Next Web News. The author outlines the five step process of a social media audit and declares that following these steps “can easily improve your traffic by 300 percent – if not much more.”

A quick read of the detailed steps makes it immediately clear that effectively following them is by no means an easy prospect if you’re new to social media or you’re trying to tackle an entire, multi-platform campaign on your own while also running an emerging business.

Put this in context with a Wall Street Journal article that examines the different rules of etiquette for different social media platforms. That piece identifies the problem right from the first sentence: “Navigating the growing number of social-media sites and apps is a full-time job.”

If you’re a business owner, it’s for certain that you don’t have time for another full-time job. So while advice like that offered by The Next Web may be perfectly valid and may in fact be capable of producing impressive results, it’s not actionable for your company unless you’ve hired a local social media company to handle such complex investigations and strategy development.

Any kind of audit is a time consuming venture even if you are highly familiar with the associated procedures. A social media audit is no different. And the complexities of such social media management operations go far beyond what can be summed up alongside excessive promises in a short advice column.

But a good local social media company will know that information in its bones. The value of most advice columns for someone outside the industry is not to give them the means to boost traffic 300 percent on their own. It is usually just to be able to have more productive conversations with your local social media company and to evaluate their skills before deciding upon the contractor that is best able to fulfill the great promises posted in so many web articles.

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