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Recently, CIO Today published an interesting article about the restrictions that face smaller advertisers around the time of each Olympic Games. The story is generalizable to other events in which governing bodies set limits on the words or symbols that advertisers can use. And as such, it highlights the overall legal issues that business owners have to look out for in their advertising, whether web-based or otherwise.

There is a limit to how much the International Olympic Commission’s restrictions impact the sorts of people who are clients of a local web marketing company. Firstly, most of the issues highlighted in the article have to do with sponsorship of athletes who later became Olympians (and therefore became more expensive). And beyond that, it’s fortunately the case that the OIC is unlikely to come after a local web marketing company or its clients just because they made reference to the Rio Games in a tweet or Facebook post.

Still, overzealous enforcement is a real issue. And in an age where algorithms sometimes take down content for legal violations before anyone has even seen it, the danger is growing. In this environment, it is worthwhile to hire a local web marketing company that is aware of these sorts of restrictions and has a strategy in place for circumventing them.

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