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A brief new article in the Pay-Per-Click section of Search Engine Watch makes the argument that you should probably invest in paid web search ads even if your local SEO company is running a currently successful optimization campaign. It implies that even if you’re operating on the West Coast and exceeding the search rankings of all your competitors in Los Angeles, SEO companies won’t necessarily be able to hold onto those rankings or turn them into actual business. The double-exposure of SEO and paid ads fills in the gaps when one of those strategies falls short on its own.

Not only is Search Engine Watch right about this, it’s obviously right. Good online marketing is always a multi-faceted strategy, and involves hedging against unpredictable changes to individual aspects of that strategy. It should involve input from a local SEO company, local social media company, traditional marketers, and others. Ideally, all or most of them will actually be the same company, making for a truly integrated approach.

Pay-Per-Click marketing is indeed something that you should consider as a sideline to your search engine optimization, but it is something that you ought to be able to task your SEO company with, because not only are the two things closely related, they are both effectively parts of the same overarching SEO campaign.

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