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You probably don’t need another reminder about the importance of a good digital marketing company. But recent reports indicate that for the first time ever, online advertising represents half of all advertising sales in the US.

This is significant in and of itself, but it doesn’t reflect the true value of digital advertising in today’s market. That’s because a digital marketing company may provide a wide range of services that are not necessarily reflected in the figures for marketing sales.

Social media management, search engine optimization, online reviews: all of these make up part of an integrated strategy of online marketing. Part of that strategy involves outright advertising, but part of it involves your digital marketing company building upon the initial traction you get from such transparent marketing communications.

It’s much easier to integrate your traditional and asymmetrical tactics if they are all located in the digital sphere, and especially if they are all managed by the same digital marketing company. This goes to show that online marketing has long accounted for more than half the value of the advertising industry. It is only now that the sales figures are starting to reflect that reality, but it is a longstanding reality, which goes far beyond the obvious constraints of traditional advertising methods.

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