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Is your local social media company ready to take advantage of all the potential that social media offers for the year 2015?

A new infographic from SocialBarrel may help you to get a handle on that question by presenting some of the opportunities and threats facing social media marketing for B2B firms, and thus challenging the reader to consider where his or her local social media company should be putting its focus.



For instance, the infographic charts the percentage adoption of various social media platforms by B2B companies. Depending on how you and your local social media company interpret this data, it suggest that there are certain platforms with which you’re falling behind, some that you’ve overestimated, or some with which you might want to position yourself as an early adopter.


The same can be said of content categories, which are similarly charted in this infographic according to how much they are used in social media. Is your local social media company generating enough original written content to keep up with the pack, and is there any way they might be able to utilize original audio content to distinguish themselves from the 78 percent of social media marketing that neglects it?


Other questions along these lines ought to come up each time you are presented with statistical data like this, and those questions ought to be answered, or at least raised the next time you meet with your local social media company. And if you continue to follow the Pink Shark Marketing blog, I’ll continue to bring your attention to infographics and curated content like this, along with recommendations for how to interpret and learn from that data.

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