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On Wednesday, CNN published an article that may seem unusual by the standards of all the other articles I’ve highlighted on the topics of social media management and online marketing. Instead of discussing the more familiar relationship between e-commerce companies and local social media companies, it deals with the relationship between social media and college admissions.


Of course, applying to attend UCLA does not necessarily involve the work of a Los Angeles social media company. But in an increasingly social media-driven world, there are definite advantages to using a local social media company’s expertise to make yourself look more academically or professionally attractive.


The CNN report gives a number of examples of how your online profiles might accomplish this, and how they might have the opposite effect. You can probably imagine a number of potential scenarios on your own. But if you have the means to consult with a local social media company on the matter, you’ll probably find it capable of recognizing a variety of issues that might otherwise escape your attention.


Increasingly, the experience that a local social media company picks up from its work in the business world is becoming applicable to people who aspire to enter that world months or even years down the line. And at the same time, it is becoming increasingly valuable for ordinary people, as well as public brands, to manage their profiles as intelligently as a local social media company.

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