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In 2019, it can be fairly easy to overlook the value of professional SEO services. Many online businesses and website owners place their focus elsewhere, as by devoting most of their resources to paid marketing channels. And this is perfectly reasonable in terms of how the landscape of the internet has changed. But even though professional SEO services aren’t the sole dominating force in determining page rankings anymore, no marketing strategy should be considered complete without them.

This is something that’s reflected in industry statistics. That is to say, even though it’s easy to overlook traditional search engine optimization, the overwhelming majority of site owners know better, and avoid doing so. A recent report by WordStream indicates that a remarkable 79 percent of all digital advertisers rely on professional SEO services as part of their procedure. I fact, these services constitute the number one technique that is utilized in marketing campaigns as a supplement to paid channels.

E-mail marketing came in as a distant second to professional SEO services, with 66 percent of marketers saying that it was an integral part of their strategy for promoting traffic and growing a business. Content marketing was close behind with 60 percent. Yet for many people who have only a passing understanding of how the web has changed in recent years, it’s only this third-choice technique that’s likely to seem indispensable.

That only goes to show that it’s not really up to the client to determine the features of a marketing campaign. Of course, any good provider of digital marketing or professional SEO services will defer to a client upon request, but it’s also incumbent upon those same professionals to explain in detail the advantages of each element in a fully integrated strategy. Site owners may opt to emphasize certain techniques over others, and that’s often a very good idea, but nothing should be off the table just because the relevant buzzwords aren’t quite in vogue anymore.

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