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When a site owner and a Los Angeles web marketing firm begin developing a plan for how to grow traffic to the site, both parties should undertake some serious analysis and make sure that they understand what they can accomplish, and also what they can stand to lose.

One way to think about the available data on a website and its competitors is in terms of a SWOT analysis. The acronym designates strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. And it is a familiar of qualitative analysis among numerous businesses, including Los Angeles web marketing firms.

If you are a site owner, it is in your interest to have a sense of what you are already doing right, as well as understanding where your existing plan is failing and thus why you need to reach out to a web marketing company. Conversely, if you represent a Los Angeles web marketing firm, you shouldn’t charge into a new project with a sense of certitude about your own plan. Every site is different, and it is important to understand both the underlying business and the competitive atmosphere in which it is trying to grow.

That atmosphere is sure to present unique opportunities to a Los Angeles web marketing company and its client; but it is just as sure to pose threats, as well. Whichever side of the client/marketer relationship you happen to be on, it is difficult to overstate the importance of assigning the four SWOT categories to as many internal and external factors in the site’s development as possible.

This type of analysis is the foundation upon which an effective web marketing action plan can be built.

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