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Digital marketing agencies operate in a highly competitive industry. This presents a challenge for the agencies themselves, but it’s also a challenge for their potential clients. When you’re starting cold with a new online marketing strategy, it can be genuinely difficult to know where the best professional help lies.

There is a wide range of criteria that site owners might have to analyze in order to choose the right digital marketing agencies. The right agency’s expertise will align closely with the marketing strategies that the client intends to focus on. And that expertise will ideally have been demonstrated in a portfolio of prior work that is relevant to the client’s own industry.

Additionally, it’s often helpful if digital marketing agencies and their clients can develop a rapport based on a shared background and common professional experiences. This frequently means working within one’s local area, although there are circumstances in which a client also has good reasons to look at digital marketing agencies in other cities.

In previous posts, I’ve tried to highlight the value of local interactions with web service providers. But I also recognize that business-to-business relationships cannot come at the expense of relationships between businesses and their customers. Thus, if a website’s marketing strategy is trying to build an audience in a specific market, or is looking for customers that are well represented by that market, then it can be worthwhile for someone to explore digital marketing agencies in, say, Los Angeles, and to work with them remotely.

When potential clients see value both in this remote work and in personal meetings with digital marketing agencies, it becomes all the more difficult for them to weigh their options. It also tends to broaden that range of options as site owners go off and search the web for contact information in two or more regions.

Even once you’ve gathered that contact information, the entire task of analyzing different criteria still lays before you. If this seems daunting, it should. When trying to make professional contacts on your own, you’re likely to end up either making competitive research into a full time job, or else making a series of random cold calls to potential collaborators.

Fortunately, there’s another option, and it involves handy third-party websites like, which have already done the hard work of assembling a national or even global roster of digital marketing agencies, then ranking them according to various relevant criteria for different kinds of business clients.

From there, it’s still up to you to develop your own understanding of what those criteria are. The best ranking websites won’t take the ultimate decision out of your hands or tell you, definitively, who’s the best. They’ll only streamline the decision by making it easier for you to examine the most significant features of your potential contractor’s portfolio, professional background, and demonstrated expertise.

With so many available options for digital marketing assistance, this is a resource you can’t afford to not take advantage of.

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