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On Thursday, Advanced Web Ranking published an article that highlighted the importance of video content to present-day content strategy. It pointed out that by 2019, video is expected to account for a staggering 80 percent of all internet traffic.

The obvious implication of this is that you’re in danger of falling behind the competition if your website doesn’t produce video content, or if your local web marketing company doesn’t integrate that content into its strategy.

The given article mentions web content specifically in the context of explaining how it can be leveraged for search engine optimization. A local SEO company can help you to perform some of the tasks that are laid out in that article, including keyword research, and the creation of text descriptions and tags. And more than that, if your local SEO company and local web marketing company happen to be one in the same, it can help to make sure that your videos work together with site content and social media to reliably reinforce one another’s SEO.

From my perspective, the value of such integration is the main takeaway from the Advanced Web Ranking article. Video content on YouTube and other third-party platforms is a great way to drive new traffic to your site. It is also a means by which you or your local social media company can increase engagement among people who are already following and interacting with you on or off your own website.

If video content is new to you, a Los Angeles web marketing company can be expected to have contacts among people who are experienced in video production, and who may be able to help you get started. There is certainly a learning curve involved in launching that sort of content, but with every passing year its importance only grows.

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