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Internet marketing strategies should be revised and reevaluated on a regular basis, and there is no better opportunity for undertaking that process than the New Year. If you haven’t done so in a while, the beginning of January is as good a time as any to undertake a content audit of your website, to run a fresh analysis on data your marketers have collected about your customers and online audience, and to consider new angles of competitive research.

The New Year is also a good opportunity to apply the practice of annual resolutions to your internet marketing strategies. We at Pink Shark Marketing encourage many of our clients to think of this time of year as a challenge to step up their game and try new things – or to let us do so on their behalf. This advice is offered with particular enthusiasm to anyone whose internet marketing strategies have become stagnant over the past year or several years – especially if the clients are aware of it themselves.

Resolve to Adopt New Forms of Content

Potential client resolutions come in several categories, the simplest and most obvious of which is a resolution to venture into new types of content. There are still an awful lot of websites that are over-reliant on blocks of text and thus have little in the way of visual flair or genuine audience engagement. Those types of sites were even quite popular for a time, when minimalism was the order of the day and online connectivity had not yet become so robust that higher-quality content could be included in mobile sites with relative ease.

The situation has changed in recent years, and trends toward more aesthetically complex and data-intensive content are only going to continue to develop in 2022 and beyond. Video content is mentioned in many of the latest articles that examine emerging trends. If your website and social media feeds seem otherwise up-to-date, then this New Year might be a good time for you to consider producing simple video content in order to introduce your company, demonstrate current products, announce promotions, or otherwise engage with your audience.

The aforementioned articles tend to emphasize that engagement is noticeably more active with internet marketing strategies that include video. By some accounts, more than 80 percent of marketers see that content as having the greatest return on investment, with videos being twice as likely to appear high in Google search rankings compared to other types of content based on the same keywords.

Such statistics should give web marketing clients plenty of incentive to aspire toward truly effective use of video content. However, this is not to say that current trends demand a company rush to that endpoint if they’re not ready for it. If, for instance, you’re still maintaining a years-old minimalist website that relies on text, white space, and little else, the New Year may be time for comprehensive rebranding, complete with a more aesthetically pleasing color palate, unique, company-specific images, and a new set of internet marketing strategies to match.

If that transition proves to be comfortable and your marketing partners agree that audience engagement is showing growth in 2022, then those same partners might also be able to carry you right to the endpoint of a website that checks all boxes in terms of ultra-modern trends in design, marketing, optimization, and so on.

Resolve to Find New Platforms and Partnerships

If you can get to that endpoint in 2022, it may do more than simply bolster the impact of your internet marketing strategies. It may also open the door to a different category of New Year’s resolution, namely one that expands the reach of those same strategies by prompting your company to adopt new third-party platforms.

In late 2021, it was reported that TikTok had actually surpassed Google itself as the world’s most widely used website. This brought renewed attention to something we’ve said in several previous posts: that the largely youth-oriented, video-sharing social platform would most likely become a necessary tool of effective internet marketing strategies in the years to come.

Of course, you can’t expect to adopt TikTok as a social media marketing outlet if neither your company nor your marketing partners have established experience in communicating your brand messages through video. Fortunately for those who have not yet leveraged that type of content, there are still serious limits to industry knowledge about how to advertise effectively on TikTok. Websites should expect their marketing partners to be putting work into cracking that code, but until some digital marketing firms leap to the head of the class, it’s fair to say that everyone has some time to experiment and grow their content while figuring it out.

In other words, ecommerce website owners shouldn’t worry too much about being left behind in the world of TikTok marketing just because they have been slow to adopt video, or slow to develop a rapport with the young consumers who tend to congregate on new platforms. If you’re still holding onto an aesthetic that was shaped by an earlier generation, you can focus on updating your site as a whole for now. If it takes you until late in 2022 to start distributing video content via familiar platforms like YouTube and Twitter, chances are that you’ll still have time to catch up on the emerging field of TikTok marketing.

When you finally feel comfortable moving onto that platform (or any other platform that is a new element of your internet marketing strategies), you will have an opportunity to pursue yet another category of New Year’s resolution by exploring new partnerships with other companies, industry-oriented social media accounts, or influencers who are capable of expanding the reach of your branded messages.

In this sense, perhaps it is best to think of the New Year not as an opportunity to write yourself a wish list for marketing-oriented accomplishments, but to really think about how the steps you take in January might set you on the path to accomplishing broader goals and overhauling your internet marketing strategies much later in the year.

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