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Targeting Social Media Locally

May 19, 2015

You might think that if you’re trying to market your business or personal brand to a local area, the way to do that is still through billboards and radio spots and other local media markets. But that’s kind of outmoded thinking.

Sure those sorts of things are bound to help, but social media marketing isn’t just for online brands and global markets. A local social media company can help to get the word out about your brand among some of the most important personalities in your region.

We usually think of social media as casting a pretty wide net, but with targeted marketing you can open up opportunities for cross-promoting your brand on the Twitter accounts and Facebook pages of local media personalities, athletes, celebrities, and others.

A good social media company in Los Angeles will know who all the major players are in your industry, throughout Beverly Hills and Hollywood and beyond. The best Los Angeles social media company will also have an entire catalogue of online contacts among those people and businesses, and it will be able to put you in touch with them quickly.

That’s more than can be said for radio spots.

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