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Tell What You Know, and at Least Know the Basics of SEO

June 18, 2015

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I realize I’ve covered this topic before, but the steady stream of posts recalling my attention to it shows that the problem remains alive and well. Two articles came to my attention back to back. One is a press release for some New York area web developer, and it tries to dupe its audience by promising immediate SEO results.

I worry that if someone thinks they can get away with this in New York, a Los Angeles SEO company is just as likely to try the same thing. It’s a ridiculous tactic and should always be seen as a red flag, even if the poorly written PR Web press release doesn’t tip you off first. The overblown promises are contrasted by a complete lack of effort at demonstrating that the subject is competent as an SEO company.

The other article is enormously impressive in comparison. It provides readers with a thorough but concise rundown of how to analyze their SEO after a reasonable period of one year. It is a little freer in doing so because it is only trying to sell people on returning to the site for information, not on buying specific SEO services.

But even if this was not the case, the latter writer is the one you’d want to go back to if it was an SEO company, for the simple reason that it knows what it is talking about. And part of that is knowing that SEO is a long-term investment, not an immediate, magical fix.

They say the secret to success is to never tell all you know, but if you’re going to be trusted as a contractor or partner you have to tell something. Certainly this is true if you’re a Los Angeles SEO company, and I hope I accomplish that with this blog, albeit without giving away the store.

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