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The Traditional Web is Still a Thing

May 20, 2015

At the Wall Street Journal, Joanna Stern recently discussed the fact that she used a series of user-friendly website building tools to create a website dedicated to her newly-acquired puppy. She decided she needed to do so because as far as she was concerned, Twitter and Instagram were just not cutting it. Social media was too temporary and too disorganized for the effect she wanted.

Stern’s is a rather silly case study, but it illustrates a serious issue. Social media is becoming so prevalent that it seems as though some users are all but forgetting that the traditional web still exists and probably should be part of your promotional strategy.

You may think that that’s a strange thing to hear from a Los Angeles social media company. But bear in mind that you’re reading this on the Pink Shark Marketing blog. We still understand the relevance and importance of blogging platforms, good web design, and all of the various aspects of a truly integrated social media marketing strategy.

Not everyone does. I can certainly attest to having seen people become so obsessed with their Twitter feed that when they have something to say that takes more than 140 characters, they simply break it up into a series of numbered tweets.

That is a growing trend, but it essentially defeats the purpose of social media. Your local social media company should focus on Twitter and Facebook for ease of sharing. But if you have a larger message, a more organized brand identity to share with your followers, that same social media company had better be capable of fully utilizing longer form resources on the web.

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