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A Unique Approach to Promote Content on Social Media

February 14, 2020

Social media advertising is an important means of driving traffic to your website. But once people click through, it’s equally important that they find quality content on site.

It’s been a common refrain on this blog that modern search engine optimization is mostly about demonstrating your expertise on a relevant topic. Algorithms and human beings who peruse your site will determine pretty quickly whether it displays the kind of content knowledge they’re looking for. They will treat it accordingly, and your traffic will grow as a result.

Building Up from Core Content

By developing this sort of content, you create the basis not only for a successful SEO campaign, but also for successful social media advertising. Of course, this latter aspect of your marketing strategy is an entirely different animal. And compared to SEO, there’s a lot more work to do once you get the ball rolling.

This may sound like a tough challenge. But it’s better to think of it as an opportunity. With social media advertising, you can take the high-quality content you’ve already developed and present it to your desired audience in a variety of new and interesting ways.

Different strategies will have different effects, depending on the social platform, audience, and website. But with some trial and error, a social media marketing company can develop recurring, long-term engagement based on the appeal of your site’s best content.

Following a Schedule                                         

One great way to keep people coming back to your social media feed is by getting them accustomed to a regular schedule of posts. Obviously, many users will check for updates in their own time. But they’ll be much more inclined to specifically look at your accounts if they know for certain that they’ll be updated.

And reliability is only one side of this coin. Scheduled posts can also amplify your social media advertising by letting people know they can expect different types of content at different dates and times.

Break down your areas of expertise into their component parts. If there are several broad topics your audience will be interested in, consider posting about one on each day of the week, or cycling through them from one week to the next.

Making it Interactive

You social media advertising has taken a big step if it’s generating repeat clicks from the same viewers. But there’s a lot further to go after that.

Not all forms of engagement are created equal. Attracting attention is good. But getting people to actually contribute to your feed is much better. For this reason, it may be worthwhile to build some type of interactivity into your social media advertising campaign.

One way to do so while also promoting knowledge-based content is by posting trivia and polls on your social media accounts. If you find something your audience is genuinely curious about, you can foster that curiosity by asking them to test their own knowledge. And then you can reinforce your own reputation as an expert by linking to the correct answers on your site.

Trial and Error

Of course, these recommendations are only the beginning. Your social media followers may respond differently to different schedules and interactive features, and different content altogether.

Although experts in social media advertising should be able to explore a range of options more quickly than most people, there’s still a bit of trial-and-error involved in figuring out what works.

How would you promote your on-site content via social media? What would you ask your digital marketing firm to try first? Let us know in the comments.

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