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user generated content

Using Social Media to Promote User-Generated Content [Infographic]

November 11, 2015

user generated content

Social Media Link recently produced infographic presenting information related to use and impact of online reviews of a product or service. The data was gathered from a survey of some 21,000 consumers and should provide ecommerce websites and their local social media companies with a renewed understanding of the importance of engaging with an active community of consumers of social media.

social media link infographic


More specifically, this particular survey data suggests that a social media company can help to direct organic traffic to its client websites and products by helping to promote user-generated content in the form of on-site reviews, YouTube videos, and other social media posts. A company’s own social media marketing is comprised not only of what it posts to official accounts, but also what it likes and shares from elsewhere on the web.

It’s important to note that this kind of social media intervention doesn’t negatively impact the effectiveness of reviews and third-party product information that web users find on their own. Nearly 90 percent of respondents said that they still trust independent reviews not only if they were promoted by the company but also if they were motivated by the company giving away free merchandise in exchange for an honest review.

This and similar promotions are things that you can discuss with your local social media company when looking for ways to increase consumer awareness of your brand. But in the meantime, chances are there are plenty of positive reviews already out there on social media. These can genuinely impact the attitudes of new customers, and your local social media company can certainly help to make those reviews more visible online.

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