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Vetting a Local Web Design Company

April 4, 2016

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On Wednesday, MSN Money picked up a press release for a business review website, which offered readers advice on how to choose a good web design and development company. Predictably, the article recommended utilizing online reviews to vet prospective contractors. Secondarily, it urged site owners to match up the design company’s portfolio against the expectations that those owners have for their own sites.

This is pretty obvious advice. It’s also not foolproof. As the press release briefly acknowledges, the online review process can be manipulated, as evidenced by the rising prevalence of “reputation management” companies. It’s also entirely possible that you will have difficulty finding reviews for competent local web design companies amidst the clutter of the internet.

If you are indeed dealing with a local web design and development company, whether in Los Angeles or any other locality, it’s likely that the best thing you can do to vet their skills is simply contact them directly.

If you’ve acquired some basic knowledge of web design and web marketing by reading relevant blog posts, you should be able to quiz your prospective contractors on what they can do for you. And you should also be able to obtain the samples from their portfolio that offer the best proof.

The added benefit of this direct communication is that it may give you the opportunity to discuss services and expectations that go beyond the experiences of previous online reviewers.

As I’ve emphasized in the past, a good local web design company should probably be able to double as a good local social media company. You might not uncover this fact if you’re only searching the web for reviews of Beverly Hills web design companies; but you might learn a lot by calling the most promising companies that come up in that search.

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