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Voice Search Increasingly Important to Local SEO Companies

July 26, 2019

Have your local SEO companies made adjustments for the changing ways in which people search for information online? The latest statistics underscore that voice search is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional, hand-typed queries. More specifically, the statistics show that that popularity is growing, and is certain to continue doing so.

Currently, Google reports that 41 percent of all adult users not only use voice search, but do so daily. And for teens, the figure is 55 percent. This goes to show that there is a generational shift underway, and local SEO companies throughout the US should begin adjusting their strategies in anticipation.

What would that change look like? For starters, the key terms used for this new type of search engine optimization will often be longer. Voice search often takes the form of full questions and asks for more specific information, where traditional searches tended to stick to the most essential words.

This reflects the more general fact that people just communicate differently by voice than they do by text. Regular speech patterns are something else that local SEO companies will have to take into account more often. And in certain cases, this might even incentivize local businesses to contract with those companies, because of regional differences in how people talk.

But what’s even more important is a localized understanding of how people behave and what your target audience is likely to be doing when they search for your target keywords. Local SEO companies must recognize that voice speech changes not only how people search for client-specific terms, but also when.

People used to be compelled to remember what they wanted to search for, and run that search later when a device was in their hands. Now they can ask Google or Alexa for information as soon as a question enters their mind. In many cases, that question could lead them in the direction of local business that’s relevant to what they’re doing at the moment.

Of course, for this to be the case, local SEO companies must do their work with voice search in mind. And as the appeal of that type of search becomes greater and greater, this strategy becomes ever more important.

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