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Web Design Companies Must Limit Load Times

March 15, 2019

Web design companies set the stage for search engine optimization, regardless of whether those same companies actually contribute SEO services to a given site. This is because the way a site’s content is displayed has a substantial impact on how customers engage with it, and whether they boost its ranking.

The effects of design may begin to manifest even before a prospective visitor scrolls down the front page. That is to say, web design companies must pay attention to issues that affect loading time, because on the modern internet, most users are intolerant of any loading whatsoever. It has been determined that 25 percent of users click away from a site if it takes four seconds to load. At five seconds, the figure jumps to 60 percent.

I’ve written plenty about responsive web design, but it remains an important topic with a range of implications. It’s increasingly imperative for web design companies to regard mobile browsers as a likely first point of contact between a website and its visitors. So not only must designers make sure that a client site displays properly on smartphones and tablets; they must also guarantee that the mobile site is streamlined in a way that promotes instant loading, even on slow networks.

There’s something to be said for making a site elaborate in design, or placing a high volume of information up front for visitors’ consumption. But good web design companies understand that these tactics should be reserved for full-scale browsers, and even then only when it is reasonably certain that the target audience is not relying on unreliable wifi hotspots or underdeveloped rural networks.

This in turn speaks to the need for effective analysis of one’s marketing and SEO strategy, ideally even before the site goes live. But regardless of the particular order of operations, it should be clear that there are considerable areas of overlap between the work of web design companies and SEO professionals, making it worthwhile to rely on one office that can handle both tasks simultaneously.

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