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Web Design “Deadly Sins” Reveal Winning Principles

July 7, 2016
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web design

“Common website design mistakes” are a popular topic for online help articles, but they repeat valuable information, sometimes putting a unique and insightful spin on it. One such article appeared at Fourth Source last week. I admire it for grabbing the reader’s attention using some tough love:

“We might go so far as to say you should give your existing website a proper looking at and ask yourself whether it’s really any good at all. It’s probably not.”

Tough but fair. Such commentary is occasionally necessary to shake site owners out of cavalier attitudes that prevent them from properly vetting their local web design company, evaluating its work, or even choosing a website design company in the first place.

Fourth Source goes on to present what it considers to be the “seven deadly sins” of website design. It’s another helpful set of guidelines for you and your local website design company to look out for. But it also serves as a set of hints regarding general principles for your partnership with such a company.

It describes the overall function of a website design company in context with your own initial website brief, indicating that you should have an overarching vision which you can then put into the hands of your contractors. But it also notes that content management systems are an important part of a local website design company’s work, which allows you to retain a healthy measure of autonomy in the day-to-day function of your site.

The article also reminds readers that they should expect their local web design company to wear many hats, for instance by doubling as a local SEO company. And indeed I’ve emphasized in the past that various online functions are becoming more and more closely integrated, necessitating a comprehensive vision, executed by contractors who are willing and able to work closely with site owners.

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