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Web Design Remains Relevant as Web Designer Roles Diversify

June 10, 2017
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This question-and-answer article from Forbes was originally posted to Quora. It raises a notion that might be quite familiar to some readers: the death of web design. But after asking whether web is dying, the post quickly answered in the negative, although it admitted that among web companies in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other highly modern markets, the catch-all “designer” job description has actually fallen out of favor.

That fact actually just goes to show that the overall task of a Los Angeles web company is highly complex, and not the sort of thing that inexperienced individuals can undertake while hoping to remain highly competitive and distinctive in a saturated online marketplace. It is very possible to construct a passable website using pre-built templates and universally accessible tools, but the Quora post points out that there is also a growing number of web applications that require specialized skills.

To this it can be added that in many cases a Los Angeles web firm will provide its clients with access to an entirely different set of specialized skills that are not immediately necessary to the web process. These include skills with social media management, search engine optimization, and general web marketing, all of which can benefit from close integration with the services provided by your local web design company.

With nearly 8 years in business, Pink Shark has recruited a world class team specializing in digital marketing and branding services. We have worked with a variety of businesses, both local and ecommerce, across numerous industries and verticals. Whether you are looking to improve your branding or increase conversions and sales, we can help you achieve your goals.

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