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Web Design Upgrades at Major Sites Convey Lessons for All

November 9, 2019

Web design upgrades can come as a surprise to a site’s established users. This is especially true of major social media platforms, which people use as a regular part of their day. By the time you read this, you may or may not have already noticed that there have been significant upgrades at YouTube.

There’s often short-term backlash to web design upgrades at popular sites. It doesn’t matter whether the changes are beneficial. People get set in their ways. But as the changes really are web design upgrades and not just pointless changes, the furor should fade away quickly. And it should be replaced by a greater sense of user satisfaction.

These same pattern can emerge from web design upgrades on much lower-profile sites, even those that don’t have a lot of complex user interface.

When YouTube makes large-scale changes, it may be responding to changes in how people are using the platform. Or it may be implementing web design upgrades that only became available with the development of new tools. Both those trends can influence virtually any site on the internet.

In years past, we’ve already seen both trends in the rise of reflexive web design. Web design upgrades have made sure that sites continue to display properly as people use an ever more diverse array of devices. But as web design companies have implemented those changes, they’ve also been challenged to understand how people behave differently when using different devices.

YouTube has been good at this, as evidenced by the fact that it is implementing subtly different changes to its desktop and mobile sites, as well as versions for tablets, smart TVs, and so on. A boutique Los Angeles web development company will rarely face a task as broad as that. But every site can benefit from regular web design upgrades that take into account all the latest changes in how people are accessing and interacting with it.

If you look at the latest changes to YouTube, you might get some ideas about which changes in technology or user behavior prompted the relevant web design upgrades. And you might find that there’s a lesson in that, which you can apply to your own site. And of course, if you struggle to find this kind of inspiration on your own, you can always discuss it with your local web design company.

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