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Welcome to the New Standard of Websites

August 11, 2015


It seems that web development has become part of common conversation when it comes to standards of business. Staking your claim on the internet, whether you are making sales through your website or not, is extremely important.

These days websites are like real estate; if you don’t have a website, you appear homeless or some may think that you are a scam artist. Additionally, simply having a website that isn’t up-to-date can have a negative effect on your business. With limited resources, it is best to outsource the work to a local digital marketing company.

A few things that you need to consider when redesigning your website:


User Experience

What kind of experience do you want for your users to have? Put yourself in their shoes and imagine the process. Could it be easier? How can you simplify the delivery and orientation of information to maintain the decreasing attention span of the average consumer? These are all questions that need to ask yourself before contacting a website design or web development company. It is not enough to have a ton of information on your website. Nor is it enough to have an extremely pretty website without having relevant information. You need to find a happy medium and run with it!


Where is Your Audience?

The word that always comes to mind is: location…location, location, location. While geographic location is relevant when dealing with any marketing, we are considering the access point through which your user is obtaining their information. As mentioned before you have claimed your real estate with your website but are you making it easy to your guests to access it? Not many of our friends or clients have an airboat, so a swamp would be the last location we would place an office. The point that I’m making is that you need to make it easy for your consumer to access the information from wherever they are. This is why having a responsive website is important. Don’t know what that is? Try opening up your website on your phone, tablet, and laptop. The information should be accessible from each device. If you have to zoom in or magnify anything, you’ve lost.


The Rise of Mobile Usage



According to a new Internet Report KCPB explains:

The 2015 report looks at key Internet trends globally – while still healthy Internet user and smartphone subscription growth continue to slow, Internet engagement continues to rise led by consumers spending more time on their mobile devices, where they can be connected 24/7. Mobile advertising still has headroom to expand and new innovations around ad formats and buy buttons should prove compelling for consumers and businesses.

Mobile device usage has become the king of the internet as of 2015 by outweighing both tablet and desktop. The cell phone used to be used for phone calls. Now, people utilize their phones for everything from GPS to restaurant recommendations to shooting birds at green pigs to pass time. People are accessing everything on-the-go.


How We Work

When it comes to website design and web development we say that you should let the past be the past and focus forward. It doesn’t matter where you are, it only matters where you are going. Truthfully, you don’t need the prettiest website in the world. What you need is something that you can use to bring in leads and eventually will be the conduit to help you close those leads. Whether you are an online fashion boutique or aiming so sell a program through a webinar series, there is a specific formula for you. We will analyze your existing website and provide you with a full report to see if we can help to enhance what you already have or start from scratch to form something completely new. The best part is, you get to keep it! So, if you feel the nerve to tackle the work on your own, more power to you!


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