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A.I. Won’t Replace a Los Angeles Digital Marketing Company

February 23, 2019

Is the average Los Angeles digital marketing company at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence? Not likely. And if you’re a client of such a company, you probably don’t want to see that happen any time soon.

Recently, the online marketing industry association IAB Europe conducted a survey in partnership with the media and technology platform Xaxis, to determine the trajectory of AI in the digital marketing landscape. It found that only six percent of agencies surveyed were using their AI systems to phase out human positions.

This is potentially surprising. Human professionals are ceding ground to machine learning in many different industries. Why should a Los Angeles digital marketing company be any different? While there are a lot of factors that go into automation decisions, there is also a short and simple answer to this question. Digital marketing is, at base, a creative industry, and AI remains a long way from being able to develop ideas in line with long-term goals and visions.

Of course, any Los Angeles digital marketing company that wants to compete over the long term will still have to adopt AI systems. But these will only help creative professionals to more efficiently collect and analyze data, or to fill any of the particular business roles mentioned by respondents to the IAB survey. It remains solely the responsibility of human beings to actually design and implement a campaign around AI-assisted data analysis.

So the employees of the nearest Los Angeles digital marketing company can rest easy knowing that the creative aspects of their work cannot yet be subsumed into an algorithm. On the other hand, the same company must understand the impact that AI is having, and the higher expectations that clients can now justify.

The singularity may not be threatening to replace digital marketers, but the rise of AI will continue to help clients recognize which firms are using technology effectively, and which are falling behind.

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