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Write First; Optimize Later

May 19, 2015

If you maintain a blog for your online business, or you plan to, you’re probably concerned about optimizing that blog’s content for the search engines. You’re right to focus on that task. A blog is an indispensable tool to utilize in your SEO campaign, whether you’re managing it as an amateur or employing the services of a local SEO company.

Just remember that blogs aren’t just tools for search engine exposure. They’re also meant to be read and to give your customers valuable information about your business. That should be your first priority. And in fact, unless you’re an SEO expert yourself, it’s probably best to focus your own attention on the blog’s content and let your local SEO company take care of the technical aspect after the fact.

Of course, a good local SEO company will have writers on staff to produce content for you, and you might want to take advantage of them if you struggle with the written word. But nobody knows your business better than you do, and if you are able to write compelling, informative content on a regular basis, SEO can be integrated after the fact. Write first; optimize later.

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